Lesions in the Landscape | artist film


Artist: Shona Illingworth

Lesions in the Landscape is a powerful multi-screen installation, exploring the impact of amnesia and the erasure of individual and cultural memory. The film reveals the devastating effects of amnesia on one woman and the striking parallels with the sudden evacuation of the inhabitants of St. Kilda in the North Atlantic in 1930. It examines the profound effect and wider implications of memory loss on identity, space and the capacity to imagine the future.

Lesions in the landscape has been shortlisted for the 2016 Jarman Award.

In an interview with neuropsychologists Martin A. Conway and Catherine Loveday, discover more about the project and Claire, a woman living with amnesia, who is the principal protagonist of the film.


Lesions in the Landscape has recently opened at CGP Gallery, London.